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Pierre Constant started writing diary and logbooks as soon as he began to travel at the age of 19. His first books on his trip to India (1975), Latin America (1976) and his ethnological study on the Kafir Kalash tribe of North West Frontier Pakistan (1979), were never published unfortunately, to his great frustration…

Fortunately, grand father gave him a substantial help in 1983 when he was able to self publish “L’Archipel des Galapagos” in the French language, which second edition with photos came out in 1989. The third edition, in a bigger format and enhanced quality, was produced in Hong Kong (1994) and got the interest of Odyssey Publications/Airphoto International for an English version.

The first English edition of “The Galapagos Islands – a natural history guide”, translated by the author and edited in Hong Kong, became an instant best seller in the USA and England. Subsequently, it became a reference book, got the praise of the New York Daily News:                 

“For cruisers, this is, by far, the best Galapagos guide on the market. Photos are tantalizing, as well as truly informative; nature info is detailed enough for a botany text…”

In the same way, Pierre self-published “Marine life of the Galapagos – a diver’s guide to the fishes, whales, dolphins and marine invertebrates” in 1992. The second (2003) and third editions (2007) were produced and edited in Hong Kong and were a co-edition with Airphoto International.

Following his diving explorations and life experiences in Papua New Guinea (1994-2000), Pierre also published “Manus, Admiralty Islands – lost world of the Titans” (1998), a coffee table book of land and underwater photographs, with an account of his personal adventures.

The author has obviously more projects of books in mind, including “Namibia” and “Madagascar”, and is open to any publisher’s interest.


Galapagos - A Natural History Guide

The international reference guide book and bestseller, on the natural history of the Galapagos Islands, covering geology, ocean currents, human history, flora, evolution, mammals, birds, reptiles, visitors sites, marine reserve, islands and villages maps, index to common and scientific names, lexicon English-French-Smanish, bibliography. Produced in Hong Kong by Odyssey Books.

  • 316 pages
  • format 15cm x 21cm
  • 180 colour photographs
  • 71 plates of maps and line drawings
  • all in one guidebook with updated info

Reviews and Praises

"If you are planning a trip to the Galapagos, this book is a must have. It covers everything. It begins with the historic and scientific background including Darwin, the ocean currents and arrival of various flora and fauna. Part Two describes all of the various wildlife on the islands. Part Three desribes in detail all of the islands. There are wonderful maps showing the details of anything you can think of looking for on each island. Part Four is dedicated to the Galapagos National Park. There are also sections on diving, practical information, chronology of the islands appendices, etc. This book is well written, the photos are great and as I said before, the maps are fantastic." - Catherine, on February 14, 2015 (Amazon)
"This is a detailed summary of most everything you would want to know about the natural history of the Galapagos islands. If you are planning a trip to this part of our planet, this book is a must. It is well documented and easy to follow." - David L. Filkin, on June 27, 2015 (Amazon)
"Thorough explanation of the geology, flora and fauna of the Galapagos Islands." - Gary Ganong, on March 11, 2011 (Goodreads)

Marine Life of the Galapagos

Revised edition with updated information, amended text, new species, extraordinary biodiversity.  A must for divers and ocean lovers. Includes a chapter on the Galapagos Marine Reserve, list of diving sites and relevant maps. Contains information on oceanography, zoogeographic affinities, coral reefs in the Galapagos, El Nino-La Nina phenomenon, and index to families and endemic fishes. Description of families and fish species, whales, dolphins and marine invertebrates. 

  • 308 pages
  • format 15cm x 21cm
  • 288 colour photographs
  • 27 plates of maps and line drawings

Reviews & Praises

"Considering all the color photos throughout, this book is a bargain. Good info and species are classified in an easy to find way." - Jerome Lottsburg, on October 24, 2011 (Amazon)

"The author (educated as a naturalist) has spent many years living and guiding divers in the Galapagos. He gives descriptions of many of the fish and other animals that live in this part of the world. Many of them are accompanied by photographs taken by the author. Unfortunately, he does not have pictures of all of the creatures that he describes.  His background as a naturalist is often evident, as he discusses such things as the appearance of warmer-water species during the El Nino event of 1982-1983, the possible paths for migration of new species to this remote area, etc.  He also illustrates the book with numerous hand-drawn maps of dive sites, island bathymetry, etc." - NoFe2O3, on January 2, 2011 (Amazon)

Archipel Des Galapagos

The reference guide book in the French language, on the natural history of the Galapagos Islands, covering geology, ocean currents, human history, flora, evolution, mammals, birds, reptiles, visitors sites, marine reserve, islands and villages maps, index, lexicon, bibliography.

  • 300 pages
  • format 15cm x 21cm
  • 72 colour pages with 177 photographs
  • 51 plates of maps and drawings
  • Public price: US$40

Reviews & Praises

"Cet ouvrage très complet de Constant est un véritable manuel d'histoire naturelle sur les Galapagos, qui comprend de nombreuses données scientifiques mais également beaucoup d'informations pratiques utiles à la découverte de cet archipel qui invite forcément au rêve...Les photos magnifiques et le point de vue du spécialiste de terrain compensent la densité du texte ; c'est concis et on est forcément comblé !" - Par Un Client, le 6 Novembre 2004 (Amazon)
"C'est dommage. Un tel livre devrait être réédité, je serai alors heureux d'en commander un exemplaire" - Par michabd, le 18 Janvier 2008 (Amazon)

Manus, Admiralty Islands – Lost world of the Titans

Dedicated to the underwater world of Manus and Admiralty Islands in Papua New Guinea, Melanesia, this book is the result of 8 exploration trips undertaken between 1990 and 1998.

Set in a dreamland of the South Pacific, a natural and wild place, once inhabited by fierce cannibals. North of the Bismarck Sea, in Melanesia, the Admiralty Islands are composed of 200 islands of volcanic and coral origin, covered by thick jungle. A paradise of coral reefs, with enchanting atolls and Robinson’s Crusoe islets, where rainbow lorikeets abound. Lagoons, passes and vertiginous drop offs underwater await the diver craving for pristine sensations.

The book includes an introduction on natural history, the human history and the famous Titans. These sea gypsies, pirates of the past, were still raiding the archipelago at the beginning of the 20th century. Six chapters on different groups of islands, complete the book, with an account of personal experiences and memorable adventures that came along the explorations, led by Pierre.

  • format 25,3cm x 28cm (landscape) soft cover
  • 160 pages
  • 204 colour photographs (land and underwater)
  • produced in Hong Kong, published by Calao Life Experience, email:
  • Public price: US$50

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